Our History

Our History

The New York Black Arts Festival is a musical theatre troupe dedicated to bringing fresh and unique live African American and multi-cultural theatre designed for the entire family! Our theatrical focus is on urban fairy tales and myths. But not your mother's fairy tales. We present fairy tales that is a reflection of modern pop culture presented in the vaudevillian style, which is an early style of African-American touring theatre that incorporates larger than life characters, big voices, improvisation, various styes of street dance mixed with modern, jazz, ballet and direct audience involvement all in one. Our performances are audience interactive and the kids are integrated into every performance, making them feel uniquely important in this theatrical experience. Ultimately, our goal is to produce and present artistic performances that bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together, provoke thought, inspire hope, spread joy and create understanding. We have presenting theatre for young audiences touring in 7 major North American markets with audiences of over 50,000 children served since the year 2003.

SEASON 2017 - 2018

Season 2017 -2018 is about to commence we endeavor to bring the best from the world of Broadway and professional children's theater to our stage. The New York Black Arts Student Matinee and Family Series will feature professional adult actors in full scale productions. It's going to be a busy and exciting year, we suspect. But, as usual, a great deal of fun for everyone. Let yourself be carried away this season. You'll be glad you made the trip!


Our mission is to enlighten, empower, educate , entertain, engage as well as preserve and promote African American Theatre Art and Culture on the national stage touring abroad with quality creative expression in classic, contemporary, and original literary works of the rich tradition of diversity with a twenty first century multicultural theater with the highest standards of artistic excellence and contemporary relevance. The New York Black Arts Festival produces and presents artistic performances that bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together, provoke thought, inspire hope, and create understanding.


"The Best Shows for Schools...Period!"

THE NEW YORK BLACK ARTS meets a multitude of community needs through its arts in education programs and community outreach efforts. Thousands of youth have attended our shows, discovering their talents through musical theatre. We provide opportunities for participants to learn about their heritage and see positive, non-violent images of urban life. Our student matinee theatrical performances equip girls and boys with the opportunity to explore the connections and similarities of a variety of cultures and their traditions through theatre and performance art. Year after year, our performances for school groups, organizations, and family and friends demonstrate the need for expanded arts opportunities where children participate in meaningful and productive activity engaged through the lively art of theatre! Come and bring your students and experience the joy of theatre and be magically transformed into students who excel, young people who can become our future leaders.

Welcome, School Groups!

The New York Black Arts Festival offers Weekday Student Matinee performances for your classroom, homeschool, or community educational group. Attending a NYBAF performance ignites students’ creativity, while supporting your curriculum and learning goals. Student matinee tickets are available at a significantly lower price than our public performances. Information about themes, length, curriculum connections and state standards along with a full synopsis for each show is available.




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